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“To call Good Night | Good Morning good cinema is understatement; it’s beyond good… It’s original, engrossing and entertaining. But what it does most is make you think. You find yourself pondering over old relationships, realizing the need to forgo and let go and more than anything, GN|GM reinforces your faith in love… it’s a conversation you’ll never forget,” Roshni Mulchandani, BollySpice, wrote in her review of Good Night | Good Morning after the New York screening.

“Very few times do we come across a cinema that consumes you in a way that you’re delighted, awed and indulged in a single shot. GN|GM is the very kind of cinema that tugs the heart for its earnest intentions and unadulterated cinematic treat. I found myself watching and re-watching some splendid scenes, from the initial awkwardness, subdued seductions, and unspoken confessions. It all feels wonderfully real that I am almost tempted to pick up the phone and have one such rendezvous of my own,” Pooja Rao, BollySpice, wrote in her review of Good Night | Good Morning after the Delhi screening.

“Special mention to Sudhish Kamath’s ‘Good Night | Good Morning’ which is in the ‘Before Sunrise’ space. The script by Kamath and Shilpa Rathnam is mint fresh with some great dialogues.,” Harneet Singh, Indian Express, wrote in her review of the Mumbai Film Festival that played over 200 films over a span of a week between October 21 and 28. “Good Night Good Morning is lovely. Good mood, sharp lines, super acting and that jazz,” she had also tweeted after the screening.

“The standout Indian efforts were Srinivas Sunderrajan’s The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project, a film on filmmaking, made on Rs 40,000; Sudhish Kamath’s Good Night, Good Morning, a romantic film about a phone talk between two strangers; and Girish Kasaravalli’s Kanasemba Kudureyaneri (Riding the Stallion of a Dream), a tale of a grave-digger’s loss of faith in the power of his dreams,” Namrata Joshi, Outlook Magazine wrote in her review of the Mumbai Film Festival.

I liked Sudhish Kamath’s Good Night Good Morning. Touching sophisticated film with Manu Narayan, Seema Rahmani and a very cool Raja Sen,” journalist Aseem Chhabra tweeted after catching the film at the South Asian International Film Festival and said on camera that it was very rare to see a film like this come out of India.

“Good Night Good Morning by Sudhish Kamath is an arresting watch. Slick shots and crisp writing,” film critic Mihir Fadnavis tweeted after watching the film at the Mumbai Film Festival.

“It is touching, heart breaking and drives you down the memory lane. I can easily say this is the most daring movie ever made. It’s a must-watch. I am going with 4/5,” blogger Naveen Varadarajan writes on BehindWoods.

“It takes great skill to write something that sounds this off-the-cuff. Too clever, and the viewer beings to question the likelihood of two strangers spitting out one-liner after one-liner at three in the morning; go too far in the other direction, and it becomes commonplace, and not worth watching… The leads had to be charming for it to work, and they are, Narayan with his timid overtures, Rahmani playfully knowing,” a movie buff called A Fan Apart blogged after the screening at the Habitat Film Festival in Delhi.

“If Woody Allen had wanted to make a conversation film based on two Americans of Indian origin, it would look like Good Night|Good morning,” movie-buff Sai Prasad Narendran blogged in his review of the film, and rated it 9.3/10!

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  1. sid

    Yo where can I get a copy ???

    June 12, 2011 at 3:00 am

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